Handprint Art: Fun With Paint

fun with paint
After having Bubbie pester me, I decided to bring the paint collection out of the hall closet. The poor boy had been asking for about 3-4 days straight & well… the paints aren’t going to use themselves. I called it a loss as I pulled the paints down from their hiding spot on the third shelf of my hall closet. The Bonus Son was at school this day & so it was just the middle two kiddos. I decided to take advantage of having the paints out. With this decision, new wall art was born!

handsI have seen many, many versions of handprint art via Pinterest. They are super cute & one day I’d like to make a booklet or start a collection of the different ones I’ve seen. But for now, I decided to start with something simple. I decided to a colorful piece of handprint art to decorate my walls with. This time around I made a canvas with the middle twos’ hands. I plan on adding a canvas for the Bonus Son & Charleigh Grace, as well. The Hubs is going to have to help me with Charleigh’s though. Baby hand prints are never easy to get.

hands upAll you have to do to recreate these:
Place black paint on the palm & different colors on each finger.
Press the hands down on a canvas or item of your choice.
Voila! You’re done.

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